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6 Best Social Media Management Tools

6 Best Social Media Management Tools

Do you have a blog or a business?

There are different social media platforms where you can promote them.

But do you know? There are social media management tools for bloggers and businesses to manage social engagements.

I have made a list of 6 best social media management tools.

This list includes information about free as well as premium tools.

Social Media Management Tools

Free Tools

Lets first talk about the free tools which are available for social media management.

This free social media tools list includes the tools which are either totally free or they offer limited functionality for free.

But something is better than nothing , and which is also for free!

Social Media Management Tools

TweetDeck is the best social management platform for your twitter influencers.

It allows Twitteratis to use custom timelines, create and manage Twitter lists and searches, and add team accounts.

It is also free for Twitter users and help them to manage multiple accounts.

Just one bad thing, it is a tool available only for twitter platform.

Social Media Management Tools

Later or you can say Latergram is a free Instagram marketing tool for individuals.

Not only Instagram, this tool also support other social media platforms which include facebook, pinterest and twitter.

Free version allows to add 1 profile and 30 posts per social platform and scheduled photos are also allowed.

For scheduled videos options, see the premium social media management tools, section of this post.

Social Media Management Tools

Manage your social media accounts with crowd fire, all at one place.

Free version of crowd fire app allows to add 1 profile across all social media platforms and 10 schedules posts. It also provides free google chrome extension to share articles.

Premium Social Media Management Tools

This list includes all the best premium tools which are available around the web.

If you want to get more and frequent results then you should consider using any of these premium tools.

Later is a free tool with limited features and access, but if you want more features and unlimited access then it has a premium version as well.

Premium version of this social media management tool allow you to add 1 to 5 profiles and 100 to unlimited posts across different social platforms.

Sharedcount is a premium API tool to provide you social media engagement data on your website content.

You can easily track the likes, shares and engagement on your blog posts which you post on social media platforms.

This way you can find which content is connecting to your audience.

Crowd fire premium tool allow to add 2 to 50 profiles with limit of 100 to 800 scheduled posts which is very cool. It can help grow your business with analytics data from 30 to 90 days.

Video posts, bulk scheduled posts etc are all included in premium tool features.

Next Steps

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