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Free Fonts and Icons List

Free Fonts and Icons List
  1.    Font Awesome: Use free fonts and icons of social logos and many other different things on your website with Font Awesome. It is the most popular icons toolkit around the web.
  2.    Fontello Fonts: Fontello is another awesome free icon and fonts generator.
  3.    Flat Icon: You can access 2,220,000 vector icons for your website for free.
  4.    Google Fonts: Use free fonts on your website by Google. Simple to use and developer API is also available for using google fonts on your website.
  5.    Glyphsearch: Use this search website for icons made by Thomas Park, a great developer who helps people in learning how to code. With glyphsearch you can search all the icons around the web like fontawesome, glyphicons, icomoons etc.
  6.    MakeAppIcon: Mobile app icons resizer tool available for free for mobile developers. You can generate App Icons of all sizes.
  7.    Endless Icons: Free icons library for flat icons and creative stuff.
  8.    Ico Moon: Use from the 5500+ vector icons from icomoon icons for free for your website. You can also generate icons from your SVG files.
  9.    Icon Finder: Find free fonts and icons from around the web.
  10.    Icon Sweets: 60 free vector Photoshop icons. Perfectly suitable for iPhone & iPad apps or your new web project!
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