Haroon Recommends Best Youtube Channels for Web Developers To Follow in 2020


Hello! I am Haroon the author of this blog and in this new "haroon recommends" blog posts series I will be recommending the best stuff around the web with my blog readers.

Very much excited to work on this series!!!

In the very first post of the series, I am going to share the best youtube channels for web developers to follow in 2020.

These youtube channels will surely help the beginners as well as experienced developers to learn and grow in their field.

Best Youtube Channels for Web Developers To Follow in 2020

Youtube Channels List

  1. DevTips:  They do podcasts and teach about web development in a great style with many different teachers. They have a video series called Learn jQuery in 15 minutes.One of my favorites.  Goto this Channel!
  2. thenewboston:  One of the oldest youtube channels teaching HTML, CSS and JS. It is very good for beginners. Goto this Channel!
  3. freeCodeCamp.org:  Code Camp teach python, javascript, HTML, css, data science, react js and many other web development stuff. Goto this Channel!
  4. Academind:  Learn javascript, angular js, type script, node js etc from this channel. Goto this Channel!
  5. Andy Sterkowitz:  Provides great career tips for developers and teach great ways for how to learn to code and best programming practices that developers should follow. Goto this Channel!
  6. Dev Ed:  The man behind this channel is awesome. His technique of teaching is amazing. You can learn web development, web design and more without getting bored. Goto this Channel!
  7. Geeky Shows:  Goto this Channel!
  8. The Net Ninja:  Goto this Channel!
  9. ProgrammingKnowledge:  Goto this Channel!
  10. Multimedia Tutorials:  Goto this Channel!
  11. John Morris:  Goto this Channel!
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