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Best Youtube Channels for Web Developers To Follow in 2020

Best Youtube Channels for Web Developers

The best youtube channels for web developers to follow in 2020. These youtube channels will surely help the beginners as well as experienced developers to learn and grow in their field.

Best Youtube Channels for Web Developers To Follow in 2020

Youtube Channels List For Developers

  • 1

    The man behind this channel is awesome. His technique of teaching is amazing. You can learn web development, web design and more without getting bored.
  • 2

    Get awesome programming lessons and also, expect programming tips and tricks that will take your coding skills to the next level.
  • 3

    It features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS and much more.
  • 4

    They do podcasts and teach about web development in a great style with many different teachers. They have a video series called Learn jQuery in 15 minutes.One of my favorites.
  • 5

    One of the oldest youtube channels teaching HTML, CSS and JS. It is very good for beginners.
  • 6

    Code Camp teach python, javascript, HTML, css, data science, react js and many other web development stuff.
  • 7

    Learn javascript, angular js, type script, node js etc from this one of my favorite channels.
  • 8
    Andy Sterkowitz

    Provides great career tips for developers and teach great ways for how to learn to code and best programming practices that developers should follow.
  • 9
    Geeky Shows

    A free education portal where you can learn various Programming Languages, Web Designing, How to Tutorials, Windows Tips and Tricks and Linux Tips and Tricks etc Free of Cost. You can also visit their official website
  • 10
    Clément Mihailescu

    Clément Mihailescu is an Ex-Google Software Engineer, an Ex-Facebook Software Engineer, and the CEO and co-founder of AlgoExpert (, a website that helps Software Engineers prepare for coding interviews. Many things to learn from him.
  • 11
    The Net Ninja

    Enhance you evelopment skills with tutorials on Modern JavaScript (beginner to advanced), Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, plus loads more...
  • 12
    Programming Knowledge

    Sharing programming knowledge with software engineers.
  • 13

    Mosh is a great person and an awesome programmer who help train the software enginners to get their dream jobs by teaching programming in a beautiful style.
  • 14
    Multimedia Tutorials

    Online computer courses in programming and multimedia skills for people who wants to learn web development or video production. The courses include video editing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and PHP tutorials.
  • 15
    John Morris

    Help freelancers to get more clients.
  • 16

    Helping developers to choose and work with the right tools to make the web awsome.
  • 17
    Web dev simplified

    This channel teach web development skills and techniques in an efficient and practical manner.
  • 18

    Partners with the tech conferences around the world that provided Coding Tech with their EXPLICIT permissions to republish videos on this channel.
  • 19

    An immersive software engineering school with locations in New York City and Chicago. They have great courses and programming tips on youtube as well.
  • 20
    The Coding Interview

    Help with programming interview questions.
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